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Hello! My name is Malathi Reddy. I wanted to give some information about me so you learn more about my experience at Northeastern and the types of things I will post about on this blog.

I’m currently a second year majoring in Communications Studies and double minoring in Sociology and Psychology, but I started in the Explore Program as an undeclared student. I actually was first interested in Northeastern because of the Explore Program. Unlike many of my friends, I had no clue what I wanted to major in nor what career I wanted. All I knew was that I wanted to take my time to figure out what truly interested me. The Explore Program gave me exactly that. During my first year, I took classes based on my interests and was easily able to scratch things off my list. In my first semester, I took classes in Linguistics, History, English, and Psychology and I realize that I wasn’t passionate about any of these majors. I spoke with my academic advisor and she suggested Communication Studies because she realized how much I love writing. The following semester I enrolled in Introduction to Communication Studies and fell in love with the subject so quickly that I declared my major in Communication Studies only a month into the class.

I’m originally from Atlanta, GA. A question I get quite often is: how do you deal with the cold if you’re from the South? Truthfully, my first winter in Boston was shocking. I knew that I didn’t really know what ‘cold’ was, but that first winter was quite the reality check. Still, I love living here in Boston and I’ve since learned several tricks to keeping warm in the winter. I invested in a good parka and sturdy boots and learned how to layer. I fell in love with snow once I learned how to survive in it (Still, sometimes I prefer to curl up in a blanket and watch the snow fall rather than play in it.)

I’m involved in several clubs on campus. I’m in UTSAV, which is a cultural club for students of South Asian heritage. Through UTSAV, I’ve attended Diwali and Holi celebrations, was part of a dance team (despite having two left feet), and found a great community of people with a similar background as mine. I’m also in Strong Women, Strong Girls, which is a mentoring program where we meet with elementary age girls around Boston to empower them and teach them what it means to be a strong woman. This semester, I am on the executive board for Northeastern University Choral Society, which I have been a member of since my first semester. I love being a part of a music group on campus because it’s a great way to take a break from classwork and to meet other people who love music as much as I do. Lastly, I am a Husky Ambassador so I have the amazing opportunity to lead tours around campus and meet many prospective families and share my story with them.

Outside of classes and clubs, I really love exploring Boston, trying new foods, belt singing Disney songs, and playing with my friends’ dogs.

If you have any questions about life at Northeastern or college in general, feel free to reach out to me! My email is

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