Northeastern’s Hidden Gems

Are you in a rut of hitting up the same old places on campus? Time to try something new — Northeastern is full of overlooked treasures. Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to study or somewhere to grab a bite with friends, this list has everything you need to explore the hidden gems on and around campus.


Law Library

When Snell is too packed and you need more space to focus, head to the Law Library, located in Knowles Hall and open to all Northeastern students, regardless of major. This library has 3 levels of group work and quiet study spaces for every kind of homework grind, as well as a stunning view of downtown.


Music venue by night, but coffee shop by day. The Afterhours club is a cozy café right inside the Curry Student Center and is a great place where you can finish up an assignment and fuel up with caffeine in between classes.

Koi Pond and Curry Sculpture Yard 

If you ever need a space to find some zen before grinding out a paper, the koi pond right outside the Curry Student Center is the best place to go. The gentle, rushing water will stimulate your brain flow and the beautiful art pieces may help draw some inspiration.


Stetson West Dining Hall

Ah, the dining hall we all tend to overlook: Stetson West. Recently revamped, Stwest has the fresh flavors that I crave — spring rolls and build-your-own stir fry, grilled cheese with veggies, kale pizza (don’t knock until you try it!). My favorite part about “Stwest” is that every so often, they have a pop-up event where they provide gourmet meals. I’ve had cheesecake, build-your-own pho, avocado toast, bratwurst, the list goes on. 

Café Crossing

When you still have meal swipes left at the end of the week and the Outtakes line is out the door, head to Café Crossing, located in International Village, where you can get one of their signature sandwiches, salad, grain bowls, or make-your-own offerings! You can use up to three meal swipes per day. The line can be intimidating at times, but the food is SO worth it.

Pho Basil

This Vietnamese/Thai restaurant on Massachusetts Avenue is the perfect, inexpensive place to grab a delicious bowl of pho and unwind with friends after a long week of classes. My personal go-to is the beef pho with lots of hoisin sauce and a dash of Sriracha.

Mumbai Spice

Enjoy a wide variety of classic Indian dishes that are sure to put a smile on your face. The taste of familiar foods always warms me up on a cold day. But if you’re not willing to brave the winter chill to trek to Mass Ave, they can deliver right to your door.


To satisfy all your Mediterranean cravings, head to Gyroscope on Huntington Avenue for a scrumptious pita wrap filled with all your favorite fillings. If you’re in a rush, grab take-out. Don’t want to leave your dorm? Order delivery.


If you’re attempting a healthier lifestyle, try a salad from Sprout on Huntington Avenue. Sprout only uses fresh and locally sourced food, so you can eat a healthy and delicious salad while supporting Massachusetts farmers.

Boston Shawarma

Boston Shawarma has remained an incredible, quality fast food option through the years. Known for its shawarma, this restaurant is a great alternative to Amelia’s when their line is trailing out the door.

Kung Fu Tea

Bubble tea is all the rage, and this restaurant is here to satiate all your boba needs. Grab a cup on your way to the Prudential Center or enjoy a relaxing evening of hanging out with friends in the adorably decorated restaurant. Definitely worth the walk because every day is a good day for boba!


This adorable cafe is located directly across from Whole Foods by Massachusetts Avenue. I’ve passed by so many times, staring in awe of the cakes shaped like a dragon-guarded castle or a hamburger and fries. The cookies are the size of your face and the cupcakes melt in your mouth. Not to mention a certain lovely  ~hazelnut mocha chai~ that will definitely have me coming back.

Hanging Out

Back Bay Fens

Fall is the perfect time to explore the outdoors or work in a quick workout as the leaves change colors and the air is crisp. The Back Bay Fens has many walking trails for casual exercise as well as fields and courts for some healthy competition with friends.

Museum of Fine Arts

This museum is home to a wide collection of beautiful exhibits. Not only is the MFA free to all Northeastern students, but it is a fun place to explore and spend hours getting lost in the artwork.

Speare Front Yard

While the weather is still nice, take a breather between classes and relax at Speare Hall’s front yard. Owners often bring their dogs by to play fetch, and nothing is sure to lift your spirits faster than watching a fluffy dog chase a frisbee across the grass.

Photo Shoots

Northeastern’s campus is absolutely stunning, and much of that beauty is attributed to the public art and stunning architecture of the buildings here. If you’re ever feeling the need for a photoshoot or want to up your Instagram game, here are some locations that make the perfect backdrop:

“Ars et Scientia” mural on Meserve Hall

“100 Years of Solitude” mural on the ramp to Columbus Parking Garage

“999 Cranes” mural on Ruggles Station wall next to Ryder Hall

“A World Of Innocent Discovery” mural on Behrakis Health Sciences Center

“In Person” mural in lobby of Ryder Hall

Latino Cultural Center mural 

ISEC spiral staircase

Enjoy exploring! 🙂

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